So you've fallen down the rabbit hole?


Well then hello there! Welcome to this cyberbunny's weird little corner of the internet. <3 Here I get to play dress up everyday and be a real life Princess. I can be anything I want, sweetheart or deviant, but usually a sultry combination of the two. And most of all I love to play with others here in my fantasy world…

As an artist of various mediums, I understand the diversity of wanton desires and the hunger inside. I am passionate about crafting unique experiences for unique people. Simply bring to me an open and indulgent mind.

We all wear so many masks in our lives, give yourself a chance to take them all off and be your truest self with me. I strive to bring my most authentic self to every encounter and adore the same in return; those who get it, get it. I'm not one to discriminate based on gender, sexuality, ability, or appearance. All are welcome in my garden of pleasure. My only request, however, is that you share in my pursuit of passion.





First Looks

  • age


  • height


  • physique

    slim thick

  • zodiac


  • hair color

    depends on my mood

  • eyes


  • cup size

    a good handful

  • shoe size


  • smoking

    weed, yes please!

  • Drinking

    With good company

  • sexuality

    very bisexual

  • Grooming

    bikini line to full Brazilian

Random Facts

  • fave flower


  • fave scent


  • fave gifts

    weed/glass piece, flowers/plants, etsy giftcards, rum

  • fave music

    goth, film soundtracks, Jpop

  • fave game

    Skyrim, Sea of Thieves

  • fave desserts

    key lime pie, apple pie, tempura fried bananas

  • other hobbies

    farmers markets, makeup artistry, art museums, video games

  • Fave Pokemon

    vaporeon & raichu

  • fave artist

    salvador dali

  • fave drink

    dark & stormy

  • desires

    Massage, to revisit France, shopping date, stay at a resort with a plunge pool

  • kinks

    spanking, spit, findom, CBT, ABDL, DDLG, latex, bondage, dirty talk, Dom/Sub, cosplay/dressing up/fetish wear, public play, threesomes, corruption, cuckolding, sissification, and many more..

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