Our journey begins, the path unfolds; I’ve got something for everyone so let’s indulge…

Nothing’s more arousing than a little bit of misbehaving, see what i’ve been up to in my 50+ fantasy reviews:

Classic Sessions

I’m one to always take in and enjoy the small pleasures of life, but deep within I long to indulge in the grander as well. Luxuriating in new foods, fragrances, far off shores to reach a new level of relaxation- sensual gratifications is what really makes my heart happy. A true epicure at my core, I am particular about my pleasure, but always desiring to share the deeper experiences. Our time together is a privilege, a privilege that I plan to revel in.
  • 1 hour $700
  • 1.5 hours $1000
  • 2 hours $1200
  • 3 hours $1800
  • 4 hours $2400
  • 5-8 hours $3000

    Out on the town (event + dinner)

  • Overnight $4800
  • 24 hours $6000
  • 48 hours $11000
Please inquire about longer dates


  • Movie Date $1800

    Bring your favourite movie or let's go to the theatre. Dinner or snack, drinks or weed encouraged, up to 2hrs of playtime after.

  • Let's Make A Porno $3600

    3 hours: includes my film equipment & fully edited video

Kink & Switch Sessions

Devote your time to me, your passion, your imagination, your true self. I yearn to fulfill those dark fetishes and desires in a space that’s private and safe. Can you prove your worth? Do you have what it takes to bend me in submission to your will, or free yourself of inhibition and serve at my feet? Either way I promise you’ll be addicted. If you have a specific itch that I can help scratch, inquire within.

Fetish Sessions require an initial platonic date to acquaint our chemistry and discuss specific desires.

  • Initial meet $200/hr

    Social Platonic Date

  • 2 hours $1400
  • 3 hours $2000
  • 4 hours $2600
  • Overnight $5000
Please inquire about longer dates

Cosplay Sessions

Comic Con, Renaissance Faire, or Anime Fest- whatever the nerdy event I’d be honored to be the costumed character of your choosing on your arm!

  • 5-8 hours $3000

    Out on the town (convention)

Please inquire about longer dates

Fly Me To You

Our journey begins, the path unfolds; What adventure are we off to next?

  • I book all my own flights.
  • Once you have let me know how long you’d like to see me for, I will give you a quote on how much flights will be.
  • I do require a deposit of 20%+flight fare at the time of booking.
  • Minimum of 24 hours.
  • I do require my OWN room for sleeping and getting ready. Adjoining rooms are great.
  • I am passport ready and able to travel anywhere!
  • FMTY $6000/day

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