Bunny Cara Day

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Who, Me?

Do you wish your comic book crush would crawl out of the screen and into your lap? Does the newest superhero movie give you fantasies for days? Ever crush on a cosplayer from across the con floor? Between my collection of lingerie, costumes, and all natural athletic curves, I’m your divine idol come to life. Doll me up and let me rouse your imagination as your personal cutie. Release your mind to your desires, relish my touch as your dreams are made reality.

I promise, though my beauty may bewilder your senses, corruption is what’s best for your mind. Let me craft an exotic experience just for us. I am here for you: your fancy, your secrets, your truth. I come without judgement, simply, my purpose is to offer you an escape to fantasy. I’m everything you always wanted but doubted you could have. Why deny yourself any longer?



Let curiosity get the better of you and explore new ways to experience an assortment of delights; entice your senses, gratify your appetite, and indulge in deviance.


I am well known for always raising the bar when it comes to my galleries of eye candy~ Check back often as I’m always booking new shoots to share!

Meet Me

All are welcome for all are celebrated: Heathens, demons, nerds and pervs, freaks and geeks, bring your best and receive the best. You deserve it.


From Aheago to Zentai I’ve filmed it all! Take my hand and hang on tight while we get lost in my library of immodesty.

Coming Soon!


Adventure is always waiting one step further, embrace the unknown and sprint towards the horizon.

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